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Pacific Pump Group Co., Ltd is a member enterprise of the China Pump Association and the National Water Pump Association and Sinopec......

Brand Concept

In terms of influence and competitiveness in China's pump industry, "Pacific" is a brand that will be widely mentioned......

Product Quality

Strengthen quality awareness and implement quality standards during project work and product development, production and actual use......

Service First

The Pacific pump covers the whole life cycle of the equipment from the service efficiency, service speed, maintenance cost and quality standard......

About Pacific

Committed To Building
Strategic cooperative supplier of a full range of pump and motor products

  • Comprehensive product service

  • Professional technical support

  • Free worry free maintenance center

  • More than 30 years of operation and management experience

Pacific Pump Group Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing eight categories of pumps: submersible pump, sewage pump, centrifugal pump,chemical pump, oil pump, fire-fighting pump......

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Regional Agent — Franchised Dealer — Project cooperation — Industry Cooperation

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Product Center

Provide a full range of pump and motor product solutions!
which are widely used in the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mine, generating electricity, heating power, urban construction, sewage treatment, fire control facility, concentrating heat, agriculture irrigation, etc. 。

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