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We sincerely invite people from all walks of life to join us to create a win-win situation.

1. The agent shall have the following basic conditions:

(1) Have certain economic strength and commercial credit, as well as pump sales experience;

(2) Have good sales channels and channels, have certain marketing ability, and can undertake the marketing task of a region;

(3) Accept Party A's authorization, strictly abide by Party A's relevant agency policies and regulations, and exclusively represent Party A's products and services in the area designated by Party A.

2. Documents to be provided by the agent:

Basic information of the agent, personal profile and copies of various supporting documents (business license, tax registration certificate, bank account opening permit, valid identity certificate, 2 1-inch bareheaded certificate photos).

3. Specific requirements are as follows:

Specific requirements for indicators

Legitimacy of qualification requirements Valid business license, valid tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, bank account opening license and valid legal person identity card.

Industry experience, good regional distribution ability, and customer resources suitable for the covered regions (different requirements for each region).

The registered capital is more than 100000 yuan.

Person in charge of personnel requirements channel sales technology and service More than 1 person, must have relevant management experience; More than, with the qualification of Pacific Certified Sales Engineer or within 3 months; More than 2 persons, with experience in pump product technology and service support.

Financial requirements: the company shall be in good financial condition and free from bad business records and debts. It shall provide: the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement of the previous year audited by a legal accounting firm.

Business requirements order limit commitment Unified order management through the head office.

Payment method within 3 working days after the order takes effect, the Distributor shall pay 30% of the total payment to the head office, and pay all the unpaid amounts in the total payment to the head office within 10 working days after the goods are accepted.

For the response time of agency price, please refer to the agency method: 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, full-time technical support calls for Pacific products, response within 1 hour and reply within 12 hours.

The basic requirements of channel management are to actively expand the distribution channels, improve the Pacific product brand, and standardize the distribution channels in accordance with the requirements of the head office. It is not allowed to conduct cross regional sales, disturb the market order at low prices and other acts that violate the Pacific channel principles.

Development and opportunity: Based on the principles of cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, the assessment period is 3 months. Distributors with good performance will receive incentives from all aspects of the company, including rebate incentives for discounts and other promotion incentives. Companies with poor performance will also have corresponding punishment measures.


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