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Pump failure and exclude the common

Non-absorbent or not pump water. The reasons are at the end of damaged or stuck valve; water part of the blockage, the system pump head over the head too much; pumps or water pipe leakage; leaf rotation Road plug or damage to property; impeller turning speed is too low or irregularities; suction tube plot gas. Can be taken to repair, removal of debris, fastening, replacement and other methods to exclude.
Less than the water pump or water vacuum failure. Main causes of pipeline leaks; pump speed reduced; water level increase in water head; filter, impeller, or partially blocked water pipe; impeller damage: Department seal leakage; water pump cover, such as fastening bolts loose. Can be of their inspection, plugging, if necessary, replace or re-install.

 Pump vibration or noise. The installation of the main reasons for unreasonable; pump shaft bending; impeller damage or imbalance; bearing damage or adverse lubrication; fixed screw loose; drive shaft, different shaft heart; unbalanced rotor; impeller pump and water pump with rubbing, such as Shell. Pump can be adjusted separately. Alignment, repair, replacement, fastening methods such as rule out the possibility.
Heat pump bearings. Bearing main causes of serious wear and tear; pump shaft bending; lubrication bad; drive shaft, different shaft heart; bearing improper installation. Can be replaced, alignment, improve lubrication, adjustment, the correct way to rule out the installation.


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