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QS Water-filled Submerged Motor Pump

QS Water-filled Submerged Motor Pump

QS Water-filled Submerged Motor Pump

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Product Introduction:

QS-water-filled Submerged pump motors and pumps is the one straight into the water to the work of the water equipment, submersible pumps, electrical diving two major components. Low-head widely used in the cities and farmland drainage and irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, shallow wells to water, industrial and civilian use for drainage systems and hilly and mountainous areas of water, low-lying areas in the drainage, aquaculture, and other places. This product implementation JB/T8092-96 "small submersible pumps" standard.
Secretary of the products designed and optimized use of computer processing, the company has strong technical force, rich experience in production and improve the means of detection, thus ensuring product quality is stable and reliable.


Type Designation:


QS 40-30/2-5.5


QS –Water-filled Pump

40 – Flow(m3/h)

30 –Head  (m)

2 – Stage number

5.5 – Rated Power (kw)


Technology Parameters:




Rotary speed:2860r/min;


Medium temperature:≤40℃。


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